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Metal holders for art quilts

Gifts > Metal holders for art quilts
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12 inch Home Tweet Home Split Btm Copper Vein


12" Quilt Block Fab Hldr Charc


12" sweets hanger, cooper


12" x 14" stand charcoal, no header


12in 5 O Clock Somewhere Accessory Holder Copper


12in Barn and Silo Split Bottom


12in Boy & Sled Split Bottom Charcoal


12in Buttons Fabric Holder Charcoal


12in Daisy & Bee Header Charcoal


12in Deco Needle and Thread Stand With Clips


12in Frosty Snowman Holder Charcoal


12in Frosty Snowman Split Bottom Holder Charcoal


12in Girl in Rain Accessory Holder Charcoal


12in Haunted House with Dowel Holder


12in Heart Open Hanger- gray (clothes pins not included)


12in Music Charcoal


12in Pumpkin Patch Split Bottom Copper


12in Quilt Blocks Split Bottom Holder Copper


12in Sewing Machine Header Charcoal


12in Witch's Hat gray


14-1/2in Bird On A Branch Split Bottom Holder Charcoal


14in Im This Big Hanger Charcoal


14in Over The Door Holders Charcoal


16" 5 o'clock somewhere holder, charcoal


16in Coffee Pot Fabric Holder


16in Fish & Rod Fabric Holder


16in Haunted House with Dowel Holder


16in Memories Fabric Holder


16in Teapot Fabric Holder


22 in covered bridge quilt hanger- charcaol


22" vegetable hanger, cooper color


22in Frosty Snowman Holder Charcoal


22in Gone Quilting Holder Copper


22in Quilt Block Fabric Holder Charcoal


22in Sewing Machine Fabric Holder Charcoal


22in Trip Tic Snowflake Hanger


22in Weathervane Split Bottom Gray


28" Let's Go Sew holder, copper color


28" Let's Go Sew Split Bottom Holder (charcoal)


28in Split Bottom Holder Lets Go Sew black


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