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Embroidery and Applique


beads, buttons, ribbons, and embellishments

cross stitch and embroidery kits

hand embroidery and applique books and patterns

hand embroidery and applique fabrics- wool, silk, linen, and homespun

hand embroidery and applique stabilizers, floss, thread, and needles


OESD and Scissortail

Inspira stabilizers

Buttermilk Basin


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12in x 10in Cats Meow Creative Iron


7in Superior Quality Hoop


Applique pressing sheet coated with polylon 18" x 20"


Blue Goose for Machine Embroidery


Boston Terrier Peek-A-Boo Embroidery Designs


Embroidery Stitching Handy Pocket Guide


Me Without You Machine Embroidery CDROM


Steam A Seam 2 18 inch 5518 Warm Company#25


Tea Towel Carolina Stripe Navy/Red/White


Tea Towel Housecheck Black/White